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Tennis From the Heart-become inspired in your following your dreams!

The unique novel is a heart-warming story of a journeyman professionals rise to reach the finals of Wimbledon. Become engrossed as he relives the crucial times of his life and shows what coaches, parents and friends have meant to him along his path of discovery in the pursuit of his dream. Learn many lessons that will improve your tennis game as well as your life, while enjoying a page-turning love story. Order today!

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The heart is far more powerful than the brain!

One of the biggest problems in tennis is when our brain locks us up and prevents us from playing our best. This can be an over thinking technique, or the paralyzing fear that causes choking. The key to solving this problem is learning when to use the brain and when to shut it off and trust the heart. The heart has 5000 times more electromagnetic energy than the brain and 80 % of nerves go FROM the heart TO the brain. Learn more.

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Want to transform your tennis facility and increase your staff's productivity and teamwork?

Over the past 40 years I have trained thousands of tennis professionals in the latest teaching methods and business processes. Owning my own tennis and fitness center in Florida for ten years provided me with a unique perspective. Let me help you to transform your business. Contact me for more information.

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Free report and video - How to improve your serve and eliminate choking without changing technique or even hitting a ball!

If you want to improve your effectiveness in serving instantly just enter your name and email now. You will have immediate access to download the free report and video that will transform your serveā€¦ instantly!

Tennis From the Heart is a fresh way of approaching tennis, It focuses on the process of personal growth internally in order to become more successful on the scoreboard of life as well as tennis.