Our vision is to make tennis fun and fulfilling while developing life skills that will contribute to achieving ones’ dreams.



My goal is to create a community of players, parents, and coaches who share a similar philosophy of making tennis an enjoyable, personal development process that contributes immense value to everyone involved in the sport. By sharing the philosophy, tools, and training that really works and has life-altering potential, Tennis From the Heart can contribute to the adoption of a new paradigm towards competition, the opponent, and sports in general. The goal will be self-improvement and growth with the score being an important incentive and measuring device for one’s progress.

The entire program provides training for coaches and parents as well as players in a variety of formats: online instruction, books and videos, and live workshops anywhere in the world. By consulting with tennis clubs and resorts worldwide we can establish a positive atmosphere that will lead to increased profitability for the club by creating more enjoyment and value for everyone. The wonderful sport of tennis can help you lead a life you love and can help the entire world gain more understanding and cooperation.