Health Coaching

Are you as healthy as you would like to be? Is lack of energy preventing you from pursuing your passions in life? Is your tennis game suffering due to lack of physical fitness or nutritional balance?

I would love to help you by serving as your health coach. One of my passions has been health and nutrition as well as personal development. My desire is to see everyone be as healthy and happy as possible. It pains me to see the effects of the Standard American Diet being exported throughout the globe while creating the obesity and health issues that arise from processed, nutrient weak food and a stress-filled life.

In addition to my 40 years as a tennis coach I have earned a degree in Holistic Nutrition and am part of an amazing network of health coaches backed by a fantastic web site. I work with clients remotely from all parts of the world. My philosophy of health coaching is similar to that of my tennis coaching:

  • Make it fun
  • Keep it simple
  • Build on small, confidence building successes
  • Help set and move towards big, yet achievable goals
  • Develop habits that will make you a champion for life
  • Hold you accountable while inspiring you to realize your highest nature

Please contact me and I will be happy to share the programs I offer that will most effectively meet your needs. I offer a free initial consultation to make sure that our relationship will be a great fit that will enable you to achieve the results you desire in your health and in all aspects of your life.