Coaches Training

There are many avenues for coaches to receive training in the basics of stroke production and tennis strategy. The PTR, USPTA, ITF and numerous national federations do a reasonably good job at providing basic tools to help an aspiring coach get started. Unfortunately, they have traditionally been behind the innovation curve in the game. A great example is the USPTA in 2004 finally embracing “Modern Tennis” and saying it is okay to teach the open stance forehand, 20 years after it had become the norm in the professional game.

In order to get more people playing the game and raise the overall standard of play coaches must be able to look to the future and anticipate the changes that will take place in the game. I have been fortunate to have been on the leading curve my entire career, and want to share that with all other coaches.

It seems obvious that physical fitness, speed, power, and incredible reflexes will continue to increase at the top levels of the game. The need for great strokes that are solid in both offense and defense will continue to increase. The most important area of the future of the game is not just physical dominance, nor even mental toughness. The future frontier of tennis is the emotional and spiritual component. What motivates people to play tennis in the first place? How can coaches inspire love of the game? How can coaches leverage love of the game to help all students become more emotionally mature and integrated human beings as well as excellent players.

Tennis From the Heart coaches training provides a simple yet very profound foundation for developing all shots in the game within a context of actually playing the game, not just drilling. We teach how to use a variety of games to effectively develop strokes that work well under match pressure, not just to look good in a drill situation. The emphasis is always on making the lesson experience a fun and fulfilling one for the coach as well as the student. Then we go much deeper and share techniques that enable players to enter the zone (or flow) experience on a regular basis. The entire training experience is entirely mind-opening and liberating, no matter how much or little coaching experience you have had.

My vision is to help as many coaches as possible have a better life by being more in demand as a teacher, charge higher lesson rates, make the coaching experience more fun, and become part of a community of coaches who share ideas and breakthroughs in order to increase the overall growth of the game worldwide.

There are several ways to experience the coaches training that I have been perfecting over the past 40 years:

February 7, 2015 – Speaking at Inter-Mountain USPTA Convention in Denver

February 14, 2015 – Presenting 4-hour specialty course at USPTA Southern Convention in Memphis

Join my Tennis Professionals Online Mentor and Coaching program. You will receive a huge value of personalized wisdom and information about enhancing your career and your life in all areas. Much will be about on-court teaching, but even more on becoming a tennis director, marketing yourself, understanding management, as well as health and personal life coaching. Contact me for more information on the course that will begin in early March, 2015.