Group coaching for tennis professionals now being offered

Why would a tennis coach need a coach?

You’re serious about your career in tennis, otherwise you wouldn’t have found your way to this site and this page. You’re obviously looking for new ways to improve your knowledge and help your tennis business take off. Just think of what kind of a boost your career could take to have an expert in our industry coach and mentor you on an ongoing basis.

Life and Career coaching for tennis coaches is available now at a great value.

Hi, I’m Ted Murray. I started my career over 40 years ago with a fantastic mentor, Peter Burwash. He not only taught me how to teach modern tennis (open stance back in 1974) but taught me a number of life skills as well. Ever since then I’ve been deeply involved in personal and professional development, training over a thousand tennis professionals and attending numerous seminars, retreats, and workshops to improve my own skills while earning a degree in Holistic Nutrition and completing a number of life and health coaching courses. I’ve owned my own tennis and fitness club and had the privilege of coaching several juniors who have become Olympic medalists and multiple Grand Slam doubles titles who still look to me as a mentor.

Unfortunately, the teachers of the teachers in our industry like Braden, Vander Meer and Burwash are no longer actively involved in training and mentoring the next generation of tennis professionals. Who do you turn to for wisdom and direction in how to not only improve your teaching but build a career and a life that will be ultimately rewarding to you and everyone you touch?

I am offering to provide life coaching as well as tennis teacher training to a select group of professionals who are serious about becoming the best professionals they can be. It is only for those who understand the need to invest in their own development to enable them to create an outstanding career. If you are only concerned about how much lesson revenue you might give up at the moment this probably isn’t right for you.

It’s for those who would like to be part of a team that’s at the forefront of the new generation of tennis. For those who love to learn and love to share with other like-minded coaches. For those who see tennis as more than just strokes and recognize the power we have to help our students develop great life skills through our fantastic sport.

What would it be worth to have a life coach who understands your career in tennis?

If you are the person described above you recognize how valuable having a coach and being part of a sharing, caring team can be. If you are lucky enough to work with a fantastic mentor at your facility, great. If not, you should join our online coaching program that has been designed (and priced) specifically for tennis professionals.

Normally a life coach charges about $500 per month for 3 – 4 30 minute calls per month as well as email support. Many people pay much more than that and see it as a tremendous value because of the incredible transformation that can take place in their professional as well as their personal life. Since I understand the financial situation of most tennis professionals and I prefer to bring groups of like-minded people together, I’ve put together a special package specifically for our industry.

Here is how it works. I accept only 25 tennis professionals to join me on three 40-minute group video calls per month. Each session will consist of 20 minutes of an educational topic about tennis, 10 minutes on a topic of career and life development, and 10 minutes of question and answer. Every session will be recorded and will be available to review later, especially if you can’t be on the live call. You will also have weekly email access to me with any questions or personal issues you are dealing with. In addition, I will share numerous articles, videos, and other educational tools with you on a regular basis. We will also have the opportunity to share new ideas, drills, and concepts with the group as a whole. This is all about sharing in order to benefit everyone.

Being part of a group like this will easily pay for itself, even if it only brings you one or two extra lessons per month. I would normally charge $200 per month to be part of a group coaching program like this. However, I know I am dealing with tennis professionals, not corporate business executives. Thus, in order to make it as affordable as possible for those who take me up on this introductory offer, I am only charging the equivalent of a one-hour private lesson. Yes, only $50 per month, pretty much the average rate for a private nationwide. If you are in a location where this is either way too high or way too low, I invite you to pay the actual price you charge for a one hour private lesson.

I’m so confident that this will be the best investment you can make in your career I’m offering a money-back guarantee. If I don’t help you increase your lesson revenue immediately while gaining valuable wisdom that will improve your life and career just let me know and I will unhesitatingly refund your money.

I’ve been blessed to have pursued my passion in an incredibly varied and rewarding career in tennis. I’ve lived in and travelled to over 30 countries while directing programs at clubs, resorts, and academies throughout the world. It’s all because I had an exceptional mentor from the very start of my career. Now, through modern technology I have the opportunity to share the wisdom and experience I’ve gained to help you have an even more rewarding career than I have.

The first session will be held in early March, 2015 and the spots will definitely fill up fast. To reserve your spot, simply email me at Please include a quick paragraph stating why you would like to be included in this one-of-a-kind program with a group of exciting and motivated professionals. Once you are accepted to the program we will share all the details about the time and how to access the call. Email me now so we can get started on this amazing journey together.