It is all about you! My experience in all aspects of the business is totally focused on helping you positively address your facility’s unique needs and challenges. My first step in establishing a relationship is to ask a wide variety of questions to assist you in recognizing where you are as a business person and where your company is headed. I have developed a complete assessment tool that we use to rate all aspects of your business, and together we analyze the findings. If you would like a free sample of this assessment please click here. Based upon this assessment, we first clarify your company vision, mission, and values. From this roadmap, together we establish the areas that require the most attention and will provide the greatest return for the energy invested in making the change.

We then determine what services are most important to you and develop a plan of action with appropriate deadlines and action steps. My job is then to hold you accountable for accomplishing the steps of the plan and provide consistent support and inspiration along the way. Details of the relationship are always meant to create a win-win-win situation in which the ultimate winner is your customers or members.

My broad range of expertise and experience allows me to take a big picture view of your complete business. In many areas I will be uniquely qualified to assist you in implementing new processes. I have a wide network of industry specialists who can be brought in as part of my team to provide more in-depth expertise that may be required in specific aspects of your business. Thus, you have access to the latest and most complete knowledge available without having to search out each of the pieces on your own.

The process is not just to leave you with a report and a “good luck” handshake. Our agreement includes an ongoing coaching relationship to ensure that continual progress is being made towards the most important goals of your business. Your success is my primary focus.



  • 40 years of varied experience in tennis, fitness and resort business
  • Planned, built and ran $3 million dollar tennis & fitness club
  • Extensive international experience, especially in Asia, Latin America and Caribbean
  • Writing and speaking abilities, including fluency in Spanish
  • Training of tennis professionals
  • Personal development experience in many fields, such as nutrition, energy, psychology, visualization. Ayurveda, etc.
  • Lived through major hurricane and successful recovery


    • Startup services for potential new club, resort, or academy
      • Market research
      • Assistance in developing company vision, mission, and values
      • Business plan development
      • Financial resource planning
      • Facility design and construction
      • Marketing plan
      • Hiring and training of staff
      • Programming and systems development
      • Ongoing evaluation and refining of systems
    • Services for existing club, resort, or academy
      • Evaluation of current business
      • Assistance in developing company vision, mission, and values
      • Competitive environment assessment
      • Program assessment and improvement
      • Staff assessment and training, notably tennis coaches and customer service positions
      • Assessment of systems such as accounting, membership tracking, sales process, tennis coaching, fitness offerings, marketing
      • Developing an effective marketing program
      • Assistance in team building

      To find out more about how I can help you grow your business please contact me at:

      More Complete Biographical Information About Ted

Ted Murray’s 40 years experience in the tennis business has given him a uniquely varied exposure to virtually all aspects of the tennis business. Below are a few career highlights and accomplishments.

    • Founding member and 20-year contributor to Peter Burwash International (PBI), the worlds first and largest tennis management company founded in 1975.
      • Rejuvenated existing tennis programs at Club/Resort combinations in:
        • Puerto Rico – 3 different locations with a total of 39 courts
        • Hawaii – 3 different locations, one expanded from 4 to 10 courts
      • Opened tennis program at brand new clubs in:
        • Mexico – 14 courts
        • Atlanta – 10 courts
      • Helped create unique tennis academy in India to develop future Davis Cup players
        • Worked with Amritraj family and coached Leander Paes – winner of 15 grand slam doubles titles
      • Was Director of Training for all new PBI professionals
      • Served at different times as Regional Director for the US, South America, Hawaii, and the Caribbean, developing new programs and overseeing existing PBI locations and professionals.
      • Was member of the PBI Tennis Show (called the Harlem Globetrotters of Tennis) helping to plan and participate in tours to over 33 different countries.
    • Founder and owner of The Punta Gorda Club for Tennis & Fitness in Florida
      • $3 million facility with 7 tennis courts and 15,000 sq ft of fitness space
      • Planned, oversaw construction, and operated facility for 10 years
      • Membership of over 1400 in community with less than 14,000 inhabitants
      • Oversaw a staff of approximately 30 employees
      • Led successful $1 million recovery of the club from Hurricane Charley in 2004.
      • Sold club just before the housing meltdown of 2008.
    • Tennis Camp experience
      • Began career at the Manitou Wabing Sports and Arts center, Canada’s most prestigious summer camp.
      • Trained coaching staff for camps such as Camp Blue Star in N. Carolina and Camp Wekeela in Maine.
      • Started and ran summer camps in Costa Rica, India, and Colorado
    • Tennis Academy experience (in addition to the India academy above)
      • Started advanced junior program at leading club in San Jose, Costa Rica
      • Recently was Director of Operations at the Three Generation Tennis Academy in Chiang Mai, Thailand, the leading academy in Asia
      • Co-founder of Asia Tennis Academies that offers support to academies throughout Asia
      • Currently working with client companies developing academies in India and Costa Rica
    • Speaking experience
      • Conducted coaches workshops and seminars for USPTA, PTR, IHRSA, and AITA
      • Original member of Cardio Tennis Speakers team, conducting numerous coaches training workshops
    • Writing experience
      • Co-author of book Tennis Unlimited
      • Author of inspirational tennis novel: Tennis From the Heart:Pursuing the Dream
      • Published articles for Pro Tennis, Advantage Magazine, and India Tennis Magazine
      • Currently writing Tennis From The Heart instruction book
    • Personal and Business development experience
      • Bachelors degree in Holistic Nutrition
      • Professional Health Coach with Health Coach U
      • Studied under and attended workshops by business and self-help leaders such as:
        • Jay Abraham
        • Harv Eckar
        • Deepak Chopra
        • Tony Robbins
        • Greg Habstritt
        • Dan Kennedy
        • Paul Scheele
    • Additional qualities
      • Fluent in Spanish
      • Comfortable living and working in almost any country
      • Strong basic computer and communication skills