Tennis From The Heart: Pursuing the Dream

I am very excited to offer my newest book, Tennis From the Heart: Pursuing the Dream.

All kids have dreams. Many kids dream of being world-class athletes. What happens to these dreams during the course of a lifetime? Why are there so few sports superstars, when hundreds of millions of kids dream of being a sports hero? This is the story of a tennis player who pursued his dream to the highest level, the finals of Wimbledon. As you enjoy discovering how Sam’s dream developed and how it was nurtured and challenged along the way, you can learn about yourself: as a player, a parent, a coach or simply a tennis enthusiast. We hope you enjoy the story, while allowing the lessons to sink in for you along the way. Ultimately you can learn, like Sam did, that achieving the dream is not as important as the person you become in the pursuit of it.

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In the short time it has been out it has garnered rave reviews from readers. Here are a few of them:

“Only a holistic tennis educator and a spiritually-oriented person of the caliber of Ted Murray, could have written this book. The story of Sam is pregnant with valuable life lessons…lessons that will serve any serious tennis player well if they aspire to be of championship material.”
Dr. Desmond Oon, Author, Conversation with a Zen Tennis Master and Can Eastern Wisdom Improve Your Tennis? You Bet.

“Ted Murray’s heart-centered coaching and inspirational guidance has been instrumental in me realizing my dream of being an Olympic medalist and Grand Slam Champion.”
Leander Paes – 6 time Olympian and 15 time Grand Slam Doubles Champion, Singles bronze medalist at 1996 Olympics.

“Ted Murray in Tennis From The Heart connects us almost instantly with Sam’s challenges as an athlete and tennis player. He expertly takes us along on his journey of transformation through heart centered techniques. You will laugh and cry along with Sam! You will learn and grow along with Sam. You will definitely enjoy the journey! I highly recommend Tennis From The Heart to anyone who wants to learn the power of ‘playing from love!” Linda Le Claire, author of The Confidence Factor and Yes, God Speaks to Women, Too! A Message of Health, Healing and Hope

“Ted Murray has woven a wonderful Life and Sport Philosophy into Tennis from the Heart. This story brings Laughter, Tears of Joy and a great Awareness of our Potential to truly play Tennis from the Heart!”
Dr. Bryce Young Doctor of Sport Psychology, Author of The Courtside Coach: A Personal Mental Trainer for Tennis Players

“Tennis from the Heart is a great read for anyone who plays the game of tennis at any level”. Very insightful story line about how a player thinks, how important coaching can be to a player and the choices you make in life that affect the path taken in achieving your dreams. You can tell Ted is a true student of the game at all levels. This is a must read for juniors and adults who are looking for guidance, mentoring and confirmation that we all experience fears along our journey in life and in sports.” Ken DeHart, AVAC Director of Tennis, PTR International Master Pro, USPTA Master Pro

“I just finished reading your book! Excellent book full of lessons in tennis and life… and at the same time entertaining! I loved it!!! I cannot believe how talented you are, Ted!”
Yoshiko Yamamoto, Tennis Fanatic & Parent, Superior, CO

“Bravo! Well done!! Just finished reading your book – very inspiring! I loved it! Your book speaks about life, not just tennis! I can hardly wait to share it with my tennis club and the local high schools.”
Sandra Nauditt, Tennis Fanatic

“Hey Ted, Just finished reading your book on the plane and wow, it completely took my breath away! It’s spiritual and inspirational and just overall amazing!!”
Kalindi Dinoffer, Former Collegiate tennis player, Dallas, TX

‪”Thanks, Ted! Hey I wanted to tell you–Michael was in a tournament today playing 14s intermediate level. He won 5 round robin matches and also the semifinal match for the platinum group. Tomorrow he has the final. He’s worn out tonight–clearly gave it his all. He mentioned your book today when we talked about not getting mad at himself while playing. He said he was really inspired by Sam’s experience of working through that. He said he hopes you will write a sequel! He has been inspired by your book in so many ways. He’s thinking more about diet and his attitude on court more than any other time. The novel got to him like no amount of preaching from me or even your nonfiction book. I do know novels have that kind of power to reach people. You have reached him.”‬‬‬
Kathy‬ Conde, mother of 12 year old player in Colorado‬

“I thought the book was a perfect read for any parent and young athlete embarking on a serious tennis or for that matter any other sports ambition. It truly puts everything into perspective.”
Rick Ambrosia, Tennis Enthusiast & Parent, New York

“I would like to thank you for a great opportunity to read one of the best tennis books ever. Tennis from the Heart: Pursuing the Dream is truly enjoyable, unique, emotional, wonderful story about tennis career, love and passion. Chapter by chapter I got more involved in the life journey of Sam and his father, Aunt Harriet, Lana, tennis legend Andre Agassi and the others. Your style of writing serves up laughs and tears, keeping the attention of readers from the first to the last page. Congratulation for an impressive edition, it will be my pleasure to promote your book in the Middle East and on the social network.”
Dejan Simic – President, Middle East Tennis Association

“Tennis from the heart brings to life the hero’s journey, this story is a must read for the athlete, athletes parent, and coach; Sam’s character is today’s Luke Skywalker, transcending tennis and giving us a window into the power of heart centered living”.
Phil Wharton – President of Wharton Health – physical trainer for numerous Olympic athletes and teams. Author of The Wharton Stretch Book

“Wow Ted! I LOVE your book! I didn’t want to put it down. Really. Although I don’t know the technical aspects of tennis that you expertly describe, I certainly connected with the characters, and the values, wisdom and humanness so beautifully woven into the story. Clearly you’re a wonderful teacher. And, you’re a wonderful writer too! (I was tense or tearful right on cue!) Now I know why people want a sequel. I hope your book is read by people young and old, athletes or not … raising the vibration of its readers.”
Dr. Shelly Tannenbaum, non-tennis playing psychiatrist

“What an amazing story about life and integrity and focus and perseverance and relationships and much more – all centered around tennis, which has been an important part of my life now for over 50 years, when I started playing high school tennis in St Louis, Missouri. Thanks so much for putting yourself into your book so clearly and powerfully.”
Michael L. Smolens, Founder & Chairman – Dotsub

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