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Tennis from the Heart founder, Ted Murray, has had a unique and varied 45-year career as a professional tennis teacher and coach. As a founding member of Peter Burwash International (PBI) the world’s first international tennis management company, Ted lived in 6 countries and visited 30. His special mission was to touch the heart of everyone he taught to help them become the best tennis player they could while also becoming the finest fully-integrated human being – in mind, body and soul. He was exposed to numerous cultures and spiritual traditions that opened his eyes to the vast spiritual wisdom that has fueled his personal journey.

While directing programs at resorts, clubs, and junior academies, Ted had a profound impact on the lives and careers of numerous junior players who earned college scholarships and went on to successful careers. Two of the most notable are Gigi Fernandez of Puerto Rico and Leander Paes of India. Gigi won two Olympic doubles gold medals and captured 17 Grand Slam doubles titles. Leander won a singles Olympic bronze medal while competing in a record 7 Olympic Games. He has also won 18 grand slam doubles titles and is still competing on the tour at age 46. 

After leaving PBI, Ted built, owned and operated a world-class tennis and fitness club in Florida. While attending a retreat, Ted began to write his practical yet profound spiritual messages, called “Messages from the Heart”. For over 18 years Ted has been sharing these messages freely to thousands of people worldwide. They act as a guide to open up a different way to approach one’s life so that each individual can gain a more inclusive perspective on how to handle their life with increased love, joy and less stress. For more information about these messages and how you can sign up for them click in the section below.

Ted survived a direct hit of a 145 mph hurricane, and it took two years to complete the $1 million recovery of his tennis and fitness club. Taking it as a sign it was time to move on, Ted returned to India to focus on coaching junior players. Ted began writing his tennis novel, “Tennis from the Heart-Pursuing the Dream”

Ted was led back to the USA in Colorado to further his spiritual growth while running junior programs with hundreds of children of all ages and ability levels. He also kept active at the international level by helping to form the Tennis Congress as well as being a international trainer for Cardio Tennis and additionally consulting for tennis clubs around the world.  Just before his retirement from full-time coaching he went to India to receive an award and speak at a national sports development conference.  

Ted has now retired from actively teaching tennis to focus more directly on his personal and spiritual growth. His passion for using tennis as a vehicle for personal growth has led him to create a unique online training course called Transformational Tennis. More information about this powerful course is available in the adjacent column.

As you can see, Ted isn’t your typical tennis coach. His unique teaching style focuses on understanding not just the game of tennis but your own body, mind, and emotions so you can achieve the greatest results and satisfaction from participating in this amazing sport and having fun while doing it. Tennis is a wonderful vehicle for learning how to handle ever-changing challenges in a safe environment that mirrors life. As you improve your life skills through tennis your tennis results improve almost magically. When you learn to play in the present moment, playing with passion from the heart, your whole life changes. Ted would love to help you achieve this in your life as he has with tens of thousands who have benefitted from his unique expertise. 

If you would like the ultimate individual consultation on your game and be given a personal program tailored just for you, contact Ted at:

Best selling Novel - Tennis from the Heart - Pursuing the Dream


Tennis from the Heart - Pursuing the Dream is an inspiring story about the journey of a junior tennis player reaching the pinnacle of the sport while playing with heart and mindfulness, and going within himself to take his tennis game and life to a higher, more fulfilling level. This book will not only have some technical insights on the game of tennis, but will help you get into the mind of a champion player as well.

The book is perfect for aspiring young tennis players to realize what it takes to become the best you can be. It is also an inspiration for anyone, even non-tennis players who are interested in personal and spiritual growth. It makes a great gift for people of all ages. 

It can be ordered on Amazon; however, if you would like one or more autographed copies to be sent to you click on the button at the bottom of this column. 

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Transformational Tennis Course


Transformational Tennis is a unique 6 week online course that can be taken from anywhere in the world. It is a live course using Zoom with 90 minute sessions limited to a maximum of 8 participants so you get plenty of personal attention. 


The purpose of the course is to experience and learn how to develop through tennis the skills that will make your life happier and more productive in all areas. Tennis is one of the best formats for personal and spiritual growth. It enables you to face challenges, make mistakes and learn from them, all in a short period of time in a safe environment. How you approach tennis says a lot about how you approach all areas of your life. In this course we share strategies to improve your tennis game by becoming a more aware and loving person. 

Each session is recorded so you can return to it or make up a missed session.  It is a wonderful way to become friends with other tennis enthusiasts who want to raise their consciousness to a new level. It is ideal for a league or school tennis team to take the course together to achieve a higher level of communication, friendship, and improve your competitive results.  

Courses are only offered every two months. If you would like more information about the details and starting dates of the next course please email me at

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